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IQ-Financials started its journey with providing assistance in 2018. Initially they provide financial assistance within the Ontario Province but now they provide their service throughout Canada. They have a friendly, professional, and experienced team to take care of all your financial requirements.

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Small Business Financing

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Financial Lending's

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About IQ Financials

Consulting, Guidance & Financial Solutions

IQ Financials a trusted name for providing financial consultancy. Initially their main objective was to meet the needs of personal and commercial customers, now they are providing financial guidance’s for residential mortgages and business line of credits also. They have a friendly, professional and Experienced team

Support On Raising Funds

Our financial consultants are here to support and help you to find out the best solution to meet your financial goals

Outsourced Consulting Business

IQ Financials provides consultants/advice to assist you to achieve your personal and business goals.

What we provides

Get Exceptional
Service For Growth

Growing a company sometimes needs an exception plan. IQ-Financials provides those assistance who are capable of giving you those exceptional plan.

Financial Decisions

Three Key Ways a Financial Advisor can Help Improve Your Financial Decisions

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Actionable Business Plan

5 Tips to Develop an Actionable Business Plan You’ll Actually Follow

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Power of a Sales Cadence

How to Grow Your Practice with the Power of a Sales Cadence

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Financial literacy

The indispensable link between financial literacy and wealth management

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Wealth Marketing

Our expertise helps you to take control of your wealth and provide advise foe the most ROI on your investments

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Mortgage Term and Amortization

The Difference between Mortgage Term and Amortization

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    If you’re in the market for a new home, you’re likely to hear the term “mortgage” thrown around a lot.


    Access to financial services

    Access to financial services refers to the ability of individuals and businesses to access affordable and appropriate financial products and services, such as credit, savings, insurance, and payment services.


    Financial lending for small businesses has undergone significant changes

    Financial lending for small businesses has undergone significant changes in recent years due to advancements in technology, the emergence of new lenders, and changes in consumer behavior.